Hi, I'm Gabrielle Bailey

I’m a Midlife Mentor, standing beside women who are transitioning through the middle years of life.

"Growing old is a down hill trip" was NOT my choice turning fifty. I have been consciously igniting the many possibilities ever since."

Gabrielle Bailey

Gabrielle Bailey

What I believe

Life, with all its setbacks and challenges, is a uniquely precious gift. Remember the blue sky and the sun are always there, and the earth beneath your feet. Even in the darkest stormy nights, you are never alone. This too shall pass.

My Skills

I support the students to experience the practice as a mean of letting go, growth, transformation and healing.

Modalities on offer

Crystal Dreaming

By placing crystals around the crown of the head, creating a particular pattern or mandala, it is possible to focus Divine Energy, open the pineal gland and trigger the shift in consciousness of your client into an “altered state.” After clearing negative energy and self-healing, it is possible to experience a profound state of oneness and bliss.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing ™ is a process of meditation that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing using the theta brainwave. Central to this is an absolute requirement that you have a belief in some form of Creator: God, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Goddess; are referred to here as Creator Of All That Is.

The Journey

The Journey® is a profound yet simple process of uncovering your true potential, reminding you of your unlimited greatness, enabling you to overcome many of life’s challenges. Those who have experienced The Journey® have found that chronic pain simply vanishes; anxiety, depression, sexual blocks, disappear; self- esteem, grief, anger issues dissolve; addictions fall away and illnesses can resolve and heal.

The Invalueable Way

THE INVALUEABLE WAY is my six step mentoring program to get clear, get real, and get inspired to embrace the changes in your life. It’s a four-month program of possibility, change and freedom. I promise…no matter what condition your life is in at the moment, I can help you re-create your dreams, re-ignite your passion, and re-joice in living life wholeheartedly.<br />

Can I offer you a helping hand?

Why me, you might ask?

I’ve made it to 63, I’m trained and experienced in several modalities that I took up because I’m “too young to be old”.

Why, you ask?

Shouldn’t I be considering playing bowls, or gardening and making doctor’s appointments? Taking it easy and fading away for the next few decades? That seems like a terribly depressing path to take and a waste of good time to me. My goal is to live life more fully than ever! If you’re also, like me, a “woman in transition” and feel the same way, then I welcome you to keep reading…

I will draw on my own experiences to help you - to be a bridge – helping you across the middle age abyss.

You could do it the painful way, while exploring all your “Why am I here?” What’s my purpose?” mid-life crisis experiences and feelings. You could take on all the clichés, beliefs and behaviours around growing old.

Or… You could join me, to test and bust the myths that hold your position in the industrial age mindset, and choose to design the rest of your life so that you experience the best years of your life…

Doesn’t that sound more appealing?

I will share the wisdom learned from my own experiences and I am ready to be of service now, as part of the next phase of my own exciting journey.

If you are ready to:
- step off the ‘stage of your life’ for a moment and be your own audience
- accept the roles and identities you have nominated to play so far
- choose to write your new script now and direct your own action
- be the authentic lead role in your own unique play

I can help you to:
- Gently recognise and reflect on your journey so far
- Lovingly review and release what you no longer want or need, going forward
- Consciously re-affirm and recreate the foundation for your future

I extend an invitation to you, a spiritual seeker who has been wondering how to live the rest of your life, to find a deeper sense of meaning, to re-connect and re-align with your higher self.

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